Optimumz World Fashion Institute Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be the leading Design College in India, helping the students to achieve greater heights of excellence in their career by providing a platform of opportunities to succeed in the competitive world of design.Provide customized Academic Programs through professional partnerships, so as to nurture creativity, inculcate ethical value through holistic approach, in order to face global challenges.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of education and to mentor our students to make sustainable improvements in their design career. We believe in creative thoughts that can convert dreams into reality. OWFD students are designers, artists, and scholars who learn to apply the transformative capacity of design responsibly, creatively, and purposefully. Our diverse community of students and faculty explore multiple skills and scales of engagement, from on-campus research initiatives to partnerships that bring about change in ‘Gods own country’.

Our Values

Fashion & Life Style

Fashion can change lives. Through teaching, specialist research, and collaborative work, we empower our students to think differently, using fashion to examine the past, build a sustainable future, and improve the way we live.

Fashion Means Business

Through inspirational teaching we nurture the next generation of creative leaders and thinkers who work in responsible, analytical and ingenious ways.Our strategic commercial partnerships support local and global enterprise. Students benefit from our connections with industry and so does industry.

Fashion Makes Style

We teach a combination of heritage and radical thinking. Craftsmanship and new technology. Engineering – and in-depth design research. We teach innovative ideas first – and then innovative practice to bring them to life.